Monday, August 6, 2018

Planetary Aspects Approaching

The  planetary positions and aspects over the next two days  (6th and 7rh August) are shown below, with some observations and conclusions based on them. Some basic characteristics are listed below, but what is blossoming over the next two days is URANUS Station, which is accompanied by some major events. Todays 7R in Indonesia is a prelude of what is possible but another 6R is possible around with this station peaking up.
6th August 2018  Mercury sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun square Jupiter
7th August 2018  Venus trine Mars, URANUS STATION
6th August 2018   Uranus Max Declination, Mercury Perigee
7th August 2018   Uranus Station  semisextile Chiron

 Chart above:Tomorrow 6th August, yes Uranus is now station and the 'trombone effect' will produce, watch for the moon here, an estimated 6-6.5R I expect ahead of us. 6th August also brings a trine of Uranus with Saturn, waiting to be triggered. This is easy by the Sun for example which is sesquiquadrate to Saturn. The other aspect, we Mars conjunct Black Moon, not nice, square Uranus. Mars is also trining with Venus. Here we have the possibility of double events. Then we have SUN conjunct Pallas and square Jupiter, this aspect is also quincunx to Neptune and sesquiquadrate to Chiron. All those are plenty to activate earthquakes tomorrow.
August 7th, is next below, nothing much is to change from the 6th, just the SUN is still conjunct Pallas, with extra aspects to Neptune and Chiron which were not there on the 6th.Finally Venus on the 7th perfects the trine toBlack Moon and Mars on the day, so the next 2 days will see those aspects resonate to give of events stronger than the numerous low magnitude events we tend to see normally.
 The moon the usual culpit of truble traverses path from 11 degrees to 25, so the planets covered by the intermediate degrees are likely to be bothered, during this 2 day period.

6th August 2018   Uranus Max Declination, Mercury Perigee
7th August 2018   Uranus Station  semisextile Chiron

 Heliocentrically, we do have significant events too with Uranus a planet which geocentrically shows prominence is on Max declination, Mercury is on Perigee tomorrow (6th Aug), and Uranus semisextile to Chiron on 7th August.

In summary we should see some good events over the next 2 days at least.

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