Friday, November 18, 2016

Which country tomorrow? (19th November 2016)

Which countries have an increased chance for an earthquake tomorrow? Using our method, we have for 19th November the following places:

  • Tonga
  • Mexico
  • China
  • Chile
  • Solomon Islands (expected on 18th)
  • Oklahoma (expected on 18th)
  • Fiji (expected on 18th)
  • Turkey
  • Japan
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  1. Thank you. Up dates are coming through more on time rather than a day late

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your valuable info. I have been following your website for a week now.
    May i have more detailed prediction on Turkey as i live in Bursa/Turkey ? Seems like a devastating earthquake is not far than few months.

    Thank you

    1. Hi, I do Turkey regularly. How do you mean 'it seems like a devastating earthquake is not far.... How do you know or feel this is coming. Do you have other means?

  3. So far we have had Turkey, Japan and Mexico coming along.

  4. Hello Anthony,

    Thank you for your reply.
    Seismologists or scientists who study earthquakes always on Turkish TV Channels these days that tell about a coming earthquake over 7R soon and some Turkish Astrologers expect it to happen before March 2017 so they make us feel it is coming so soon. I saw your prediction region of Bosphorus on 21st November has medium risk that i think it can trigger a bigger earthquake.
    I will be following your website i think it is like a goldmine very valuable info inside.
    Thank you

  5. Dear Serdar,
    Truth is there has been very quiet in your part of the world, considering the stresses I see piling up. I have not tried to see when is the most likely date but although I post monthly calendars, I have predictions for a year ahead or more but the predictions improve as more earthquakes come up. Anyway I will keep an eye, and thanks for your kind words and feedback. :)

  6. Hi Anthony
    I also have started following your site since the Kaikoura earthquake last week here in NZ.
    I live in Christchurch NZ and have been through the two we had in 2010 and 2011..
    Can you see if Christchurch is due for another at some stage. specially since last weeks large earthquake may have stressed some of our faults in Christchurch.
    Thank you

  7. Hi Petra,
    as I dont have time right now to llok for Christchurch specifically as I have lectures to do, see also this morning's post on NZ and having seen the calendar there is a good peak tomorrow. JUST IN CASE there is a 5ver and people worry about it be a little ready for the next two days just in case a good aftershock comes to visit. Be Safe Be Good!

  8. Yes 5.4mag in north island of NZ. 22/11/16 at 1.19pm
    Thank you.
    But just in case will be cautious... we are a day ahead of you...


  9. yes you are Petra but I use GMT for timing. UTC.

  10. Hi Anthony
    Just had another one 5.7mag and 4.8mag south island 24minutes ago