Tuesday, October 27, 2020

5.0R in Iran

 A good strong  5.0R earthquake in the Center of Iran.The was 992km in Bafq. The prediction of the coordination can be seen [32.8N, 56.0E] very dood of our research/

Magnitudemb 5.0
Date time2020-10-26 21:34:51.5 UTC
Location32.16 N ; 56.12 E
Depth10 km
Distances168 km ENE of Yazd, Iran / pop: 477,000 / local time: 01:04:51.5 2020-10-27
92 km NE of Bāfq, Iran / pop: 31,200 / local time: 01:04:51.5 2020-10-27






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Monday, October 26, 2020

5.1R Indonesia

 A strong 5.1R was reported in Salawesi in Indonesia. In this method we have discovered shows the dots which are possible dots and this day. Here we see the dot [0.91N, 121.55E] very good prediction.



MagnitudeMw 5.1
Date time2020-10-26 08:26:35.8 UTC
Location0.55 N ; 121.55 E
Depth100 km
Distances247 km NE of Palu, Indonesia / pop: 282,000 / local time: 16:26:35.8 2020-10-26
168 km W of Gorontalo, Indonesia / pop: 144,000 / local time: 16:26:35.8 2020-10-26



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2020 Calendar of Astronomical Events November


Nov 01  20     Mercury at Perihelion 
    02  23:58  Aldebaran 4.6°S of Moon
    03  19:39  Moon at Ascending Node 
    04  23     S Taurid Meteor Shower
    06  12:52  Pollux 3.9°N of Moon
    07  12:34  Beehive 2.3°S of Moon
    08  06:46  LAST QUARTER MOON 
    09  03:20  Regulus 4.7°S of Moon
    10  10     Mercury at Greatest Elong: 19.1°W
    11  22     N Taurid Meteor Shower
    12  14:30  Venus 3.1°S of Moon
    13  13:45  Mercury 1.7°S of Moon
    14  04:48  Moon at Perigee: 357839 km
    14  22:07  NEW MOON 
    16  06:27  Venus 3.6°N of Spica
    16  17:07  Moon at Descending Node 
    17  04     Leonid Meteor Shower
    19  01:54  Jupiter 2.5°N of Moon
    19  07:57  Saturn 2.9°N of Moon
    21  21:45  FIRST QUARTER MOON 
    25  12:45  Mars 4.9°N of Moon
    26  17:29  Moon at Apogee: 405891 km
    30  02:30  FULL MOON 
    30  02:43  Pen. Lunar Eclipse; mag=0.829
    30  06:07  Aldebaran 4.6°S of Moon
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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

7.5 magnitude earthquake near Alaska


7.5 magnitude earthquake near Alaska triggers tsunami warning

The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific coasts from Kennedy Entrance, Alaska, to Unimak Pass, Alaska.

A tsunami warning was issued for southern Alaska on Monday after a major earthquake and large aftershock hit near the Alaskan Peninsula.

The warning was later downgraded to an advisory by the National Weather Service.

An initial earthquake with a 7.5 magnitude occurred around Sand Point, Alaska, a city on one of the Shumagin Islands, just before 1 p.m. local time (5 p.m. E.T.), according to the Official U.S. Geological Survey. An aftershock hit the area about 20 minutes later at a magnitude of 5.8, the USGS said.

The National Weather Service issued a tsunami warning for the Pacific coasts from Kennedy Entrance, Alaska to Unimak Pass, Alaska. Police in Homer, Alaska, asked anyone in the potential flooding zone to move to higher ground immediately in fear of a potential tsunami.

Sand Point, where the earthquake appears to have originated, is about 575 nautical miles southwest of Anchorage. The city is on Popof Island, one of 20 islands in the Aleutians East Borough south of the mainland.

USGS data showed at least eight aftershocks in the hour after the first quake, including five that measured between 5.2 and 5.9 in magnitude.

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Alaska in July, also triggering fears of a possible tsunami wave. That quake happened at 10:13 p.m., roughly 75 miles south of the community of Chignik.

Tsunami warnings were issued for about the same stretch of land, from Homer to Unimak Pass, and a tsunami did occur but posed no threat to locals.





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  A power 7.5R earthquake was reported in S Alaska yesterday. Our calculated of the coordinate can be seen in the map as [55.8N, 160.7W]. The difference is 1 degree.


MagnitudeMw 7.5
Date time2020-10-19 20:54:40.7 UTC
Location54.71 N ; 159.75 W
Depth40 km
Distances926 km SSW of Anchorage, United States / pop: 298,000 / local time: 12:54:40.7 2020-10-19
84 km SE of Sand Point, United States / pop: 1,000 / local time: 12:54:40.7 2020-10-19



 You can read about our methodology here.


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Monday, October 19, 2020


 5.0R in Kyrgyzstan was reported. The coordinated shown below the coordinates are spot on.

Magnitudemb 5.0
Date time2020-10-19 10:17:41.9 UTC
Location39.97 N ; 72.39 E
Depth1 km
Distances69 km ESE of Fergana, Uzbekistan / pop: 164,000 / local time: 15:17:41.9 2020-10-19
39 km SE of Kyzyl-Kyya, Kyrgyzstan / pop: 32,000 / local time: 16:17:41.9 2020-10-19


 You can read about our methodology here.


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Dominican Republic 4.9R

 This morning a 4.9R in Dominican Republic was reported.

The prediction earthquake was shown the coordinates at [19N, 69.9W] as shown on the map. The planets Mars and Jupiter  are affected.





MagnitudeM 4.9
Date time2020-10-19 09:00:48.9 UTC
Location19.28 N ; 69.63 W
Depth10 km
Distances65 km E of San Francisco de Macorís, Dominican Republic / pop: 124,000 / local time: 05:00:48.9 2020-10-19
6 km NNW of Sánchez, Dominican Republic / pop: 11,300 / local time: 05:00:48.9


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 NEPAL expected is 20th October accordi g the FDL. However the coordinate is also expected to the dots shown in the map shown here.





 You can read about our methodology here.


Our new Android App is now on Google Play





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Sunday, October 18, 2020

5.5R Northern Peru

 5.5R has been reported in Northern Peru. This is near Ecuador as can been seen. Out date is on 18th October quake today. The FDL method and out methods we can see prediction near to our dots given

 as [3.98S, 81.0W]  superb accurate.



MagnitudeMw 5.5
Date time2020-10-18 06:58:30.0 UTC
Location3.88 S ; 81.87 W
Depth15 km
Distances161 km WSW of Tumbes, Peru / pop: 109,000 / local time: 01:58:30.0 2020-10-18
84 km WNW of El Alto, Peru / pop: 9,300 / local time: 01:58:30.0 2020-10-18





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Saturday, October 17, 2020


 Indonesia 5.1R can be reported this outside Sumatra. The following

1) Calendar shows today predecting

2 )The coordinates fab. accurate




Add caption


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Friday, October 16, 2020



 This 5R in Hindu Kush Region causes SATURN today.

Magnitudemb 5.0
Date time2020-10-16 10:10:52.7 UTC
Location36.66 N ; 71.33 E
Depth215 km
Distances221 km E of Kunduz, Afghanistan / pop: 161,000 / local time: 14:40:52.7 2020-10-16
26 km WSW of Ishqoshim, Tajikistan / pop: 26,000 / local time: 15:10:52.7 2020-10-16


Below we have the coordinate of the earthquake predicted below is [35.8N, 71.1E  ]

Add caption


The Calendar of the region for October 2020.








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Thursday, October 15, 2020

5.3R Sumatra FDL Method


5.3R today has  been reported in Sumatra. expected today as can be seen in the Calendar. Also the coordinate in these region expected earthquake is shown shown.

MagnitudeMw 5.3
Date time2020-10-15 09:41:15.3 UTC
Location3.17 S ; 100.40 E
Depth10 km
Distances219 km W of Bengkulu, Indonesia / pop: 309,000 / local time: 16:41:15.3 2020-10-15
166 km SSW of Sungai Penuh, Indonesia / pop: 95,900 / local time: 16:41:15.3 2020-10-15






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Wednesday, October 14, 2020



 Using FDL method we have today in IRAN Southern of 4.6R. We have two method has been used FDL and the coordinate method. See the chard below.


Magnitudemb 4.6
Date time2020-10-14 11:06:17.3 UTC
Location27.43 N ; 54.45 E
Depth10 km
Distances183 km W of Bandar Abbas, Iran / pop: 352,000 / local time: 14:36:17.3 2020-10-14
41 km ESE of Gerāsh, Iran / pop: 25,300 / local time: 14:36:17.3 2020-10-14
















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Thursday, October 8, 2020

6.5R PNG


Earthquakes strong as expecting yesterday therefore. However tonight  we may have strong once event expected. Here we have SUN align with Pallas. Here 90 degree between.The other planets are MERCURYwith URANUS may also.


MagnitudeMw 6.3
Date time2020-10-08 07:35:32.9 UTC
Location6.12 S ; 146.17 E
Depth112 km
Distances389 km NNW of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea / pop: 283,000 / local time: 17:35:32.9 2020-10-08
39 km NE of Kainantu, Papua New Guinea / pop: 8,500 / local time: 17:35:32.9 2020-10-08

Global view







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4.6R in Albania


 A 4.6R earthquake has arrived 7th October. The epicenter is nea 27km NNW Durres, and 27km of Tirana. Our calendar here is clear from posted.

Magnitudemb 4.6
Date time2020-10-07 22:13:06.4 UTC
Location41.57 N ; 19.45 E
Depth10 km
Distances41 km WNW of Tirana, Albania / pop: 374,000 / local time: 00:13:06.4 2020-10-08
27 km NNW of Durrës, Albania / pop: 122,000 / local time: 00:13:06.4 2020-10-08


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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Planets today 7th-Oct-2020

 Today we have a weak day and weak earthquake we low and two days as we know we have DOUBLE events. As we have choose  this gives energy distribute in such today. 

Earthquakes strong therefore. However tonight  we may have strong once event expected. Here we have SUN align with Pallas. Here 90 degree between.The other planets are MERCURYwith URANUS may also.

Finally the Moor will rigger but weaker.


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Tuesday, October 6, 2020



Todate we have we have a 6th October  2020 has expected with Fiji within hours, as shpown in the calendar for 5th Oct.

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