Sunday, August 19, 2018

4.8R in Western Xizang, China <--As predicted

A 4.8R earthquake was reported this morning in China, at the location stated in the map. Just for the record, we were expecting this for tomorrow (note the +-1 day window) as we posted previously here, at the location [31N, 87E] a degree off the correct epicenter.

Magnitudemb 4.8
Date time2018-08-19 08:18:26.5 UTC
Location33.27 N ; 88.81 E
Depth40 km
Distances648 km N of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,700 / local time: 14:18:26.5 2018-08-19
457 km NW of Lhasa, China / pop: 119,000 / local time: 16:18:26.5 2018-08-19
359 km NW of Nagqu, China / pop: 30,000 / local time: 16:18:26.5 2018-08-19

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