Sunday, August 19, 2018

4.8R in Turkey, How to predict location?

This afternoon we have seen a fairly strong 4.8R earthquake in Central Turkey near the well known city of Adana. We show you above how to locate a suspect stress point of possible future epicenters using our published methods. (see the section here 'our methodology' We have developed map tools and here using those tools using the location of past strong earthquakes in the vicinity, (we use here the one near Tirana in Albanis and near Peloponese), we can draw horizontal and vertical fibbo lines. Note an intersection of those lines. We show you encircled intersection of those lines in the map above is the  intersection coordinates of the exact location of todays epicenter.

Magnitudemb 4.8
Date time2018-08-19 15:22:15.9 UTC
Location37.37 N ; 36.33 E
Depth6 km
Distances98 km NE of Adana, Turkey / pop: 1,249,000 / local time: 18:22:15.9 2018-08-19
34 km N of Osmaniye, Turkey / pop: 203,000 / local time: 18:22:15.9 2018-08-19
23 km S of Andırın, Turkey / pop: 8,700 / local time: 18:22:15.9 2018-08-19

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