Saturday, August 18, 2018

20th August FDL Predictions

On 20th August, the notable planetary aspects of the day are: MERCURY STATION. Our methods produced the following coutries as being vulnerable to receiving earthquakes on  20th August (+-1 day) and we have added the calculated coordinates. The list is not conclusive of course as we sample a few countries.

  • Bosphorus [42N,27E, 31E, 32E]

  • British Columbia [ 57N, 58N, 132W]

  • China [31N, 87E, 92E] other suspect locations on the map.

  • Greece [34N, 26E],[38N, 21.5E]
  • Iran [31.5N, 57.8E],[27N, 57.5E]
  • Japan [42N 147E], [34N, 141E]
  • Kamchatka   [57N, 58N, 162E]

  • Papua New Guinea  [2S, 150E, 152E]

  • Solomon Islands  [10S, 161E]

  • Vanuatu [17S, 168E, 162E]

You can read about our methodology here.

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