Friday, July 19, 2019

Earthquake in Athens: Three buildings collapsed in Piraeus, Drapetsona and Petralona

There was some panic in the streets- Buildings evacuated- Ceilling floor collapsed in Peristeri--Damages in houses in Menidi 

In the streets and squares are staying the inhabitants of the Attica basin after the 
strong earthquake of 5.1R came in unexpectedly. An uninhabited building collapsed 
on 90 Ermou Street, while a building roof slab collapsed in Peristeri. 
Reports of damage also exist in buildings in Patission - where a tourist who got 
 injured by falling plasters - but also in the courts of Piraeus.
According to the government spokesman's announcement, two uninhabited buildings
collapsed in Petralona and Drapetsona. Due to the strong shake an old building in the 
port of Piraeusnear the gate E1, after the strong earthquake as shown in the 
photograph below. Specifically a coridor of length 100m collapsed in gate E1.
Authorities investigate. 

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