Saturday, October 27, 2018

4.5R in Vanuatu <---spot on prediction

A 4.5R earthquake this afternoon in Vanuatu at the location shown on the maps above confirmed yet again the power of our methods as we posted here that the expected event would be today at Vanuatu on coordinates [18.2S, 167.5E]. The epicenter came at coordinates [19.3S, 169.4E]. not bad.

Magnitudemb 4.5
Date time2018-10-27 12:15:32.1 UTC
Location19.36 S ; 169.41 E
Depth207 km
Distances214 km SE of Port-Vila, Vanuatu / pop: 36,000 / local time: 23:15:32.1 2018-10-27
26 km NE of Isangel, Vanuatu / pop: 1,500 / local time: 23:15:32.1 2018-10-27

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