Friday, September 21, 2018

Precursors on 21st September 2018

The TEC Rate anomalies this morning is shown here, with a massive drop over Indonesia, as above. This of course does not in my opinion mean anything today, but in due course. However, they do not last long and disappear in minutes. The next to consider is GOES Magnetometer below.
There is a huge spike down to -100 as can be seen above, but I think this should be some kind of problem which was resolved in minutes, hence it returned to normal. We are on a high Tesla field now for a few days and it spirals but does not drop a lot.

Above we see the Schumann Resonances, and there is nothing here to worry about, there was a strong event in Fiji this morning but nothing more....So, time will tell but it looks quiet.

Finally below we see the Kp Index where we can see it is extremely low.

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