Friday, May 19, 2017

Greece since 2015!

Carrying out a simple epicentre spatial distribution on the Greek Region we see that from 1st Jaunary 2015 till now we have had 31 earthquakes of >=5R magnitude. In Greece however in contrast to Nepal, we have had 2 events of >6R. So stressed here have revealed. The average over this 3 year period indicates 1 earthquakes of >=5R per month for the greek Region. Instead of the concentration around a place as we saw in Kathmandu, here we have quite a number of them distributed in an arc, like a circle including Asia Minor, and most of the earthquakes are in the sea, especially around the East side of Crete. Over the last 3 year period we see quite a cluster in S. Albania, as we can observe from the map.....Be Safe Be Good!

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