Saturday, April 8, 2017

5.7R in Philippines <---As predicted!

A very strong 5.7R after a 5.3R earthquake came in a few minutes ago in Mindoro, Philippines. Luckily we warned about it and although we expected this sligtly further north or further south, it came in the middle (16N, 122E)  (11N, 122E), but considering that we were rather busy to refine the coordinates yesterday, we got the warning nicely. I hope our friends in Philippines are ok. Be Safe be Good!
Below is the Philippines earthquake prediction calendar for your reference


M 5.7
Date time2017-04-08 07:07:58.7 UTC
Location13.68 N ; 121.00 E
Depth10 km
Distances102 km S of Manila, Philippines / pop: 10,445,000 / local time: 15:07:58.7 2017-04-08
36 km NW of Calapan, Philippines / pop: 66,100 / local time: 15:07:58.7 2017-04-08
14 km E of Tingloy, Philippines / pop: 2,700 / local time: 15:07:58.7 2017-04-08
9 km SW of Wawa, Philippines / pop: 4,500 / local time: 15:07:58.7 2017-04-08
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