Friday, January 13, 2017

Which Country Tomorrow? (14th January 2017)

On a day where Geocentrically Sun is semisquare Uranus, and Heliocentrically Venus square Neptune and trine with Jupiter, using our methods we can deduce that for tomorrow, 14th January 2017 we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for some good earthquake event.

Our method derives a few possible countries which are in the following list. Not necessarily all of them are likely to appear.

  • Bangladesh (24.4N, 90.6E)
  • California  (38.28N,123.25W) possibly (33.25,116.35)
  • Ecuador  (3.25S ,78.17W or 81.3W) Ecuador peaks on 15th January.
  • France/Belgium  (50.3N, 3.3E) This is a possibility hard to have faith here.
  • Greece: Too many possibilities some (38.27N 20.3E) or (35.1N,23.26E) (35.1N, 24.3E)
  • Indonesia: Here a breakout is possible
  • Iran (26.35, 54.3E) peaks on 16th Jan.
  • Italy (39.6N, 18.25E)
  • Japan (38.27N, 141.3E) or (35.3N, 140.3E)
  • Mexico  (24.35, 111.3W)
  • Oklahoma: (35.35N,97.5W)
  • Philippines: (8.27N, 125.3E)
  • Vanuatu: (18.25S, 169.55E) If it arrives at all.
Other Possibles
  • Tonga (21.5S, 174.4W)
  • New Zealand:  (38.32,174.4E)
  • Chile
  • Kamchatka
  • Pakistan (26.35N, 65.3E)

You can read our methodology here

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  1. I would say that the Greece one happened as there's been a ~M5 one at the border with Turkey -

  2. Have to say u guys doing great job to alert people or just giving a sense that we have to be careful on the seismic active area. Please do your prediction ahead as in Europe n Asia your prediction is 1day behind.

  3. Great job on prediction. But 1day behind for Europe and Asia. Please do your prediction early.