Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Quake-Weather" Review for 28th January 2017

In this report, for the time being, we focus on coordinates to check some of our ideas. We do not give too much emphasis on picking up the strongest. We test a few things so we often get small ones, as well as stronger events.

Using our methods we can deduce that for 28th January 2017 that we have the following countries/regions of vulnerability for an earthquake event.

  • California  (35.5N, 120W)
  • Bangladesh (24N, 90E) 
  • China  (36.5N, 81.5E)
  • Japan (36.5N, 140.5E)
  • Nepal (29.1N, 81.5E) IF it comes on 28th Jan. however it looks like it may want to delay for the 29th January, early in the morning, in which case up to 5R is possible in (28.2N, 85.2E) North of Kathmandu.
  • New Zealand (40.5S, 36.0S, 175.5E)
  •  Oklahoma (36.2N, 98W)
  • Philippines (14.5N, 119.5E, 124E)
  • Mexico (20N, 105W) (25N, 110W)  ( 29.5N, 111W)
  • Serbia/Scopia (40N, 21E)

You can read our methodology here.


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  1. Hi, do you have info of the magnitude for serbia/scopia? And also do you mean Skopje for Scopia?

  2. Hi, do you have info about the magnitude for Serbia/Scopia (40N,21E)? I checked the coordinates; they seem to be a southern, in North Greece... I follow this site daily, so I’m wondering if we should get alarmed, since it is the first time I read Scopia (meaning Skopje I suppose) in the predictions. We had minor events yesterday, 1.9 and 2.1 (26th January). Thank you, regards from Skopje

  3. What we find is that within rwo days we know if the stated event is false alarm. This was supposed to be small. Note that we have been very busy preparing for February and we have no time to reply. We do not ignore you. Thanks

    1. Thank you Anthony. You were right ofcourse :) 2.0 on the Macedonia/Serbia border (42N,21E) 28th of January and 2.9 somewhat further (41N, 20E) on the 29th of January. Keep up the good work!