Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nepal Update:

To all my very good friends in Nepal, good evening!
From tomorrow we are entering a period where various indicators show increased chance for an eathquake in Nepal, but not all the indicators agree at the same time. This gives ambiguity. More uncertainty. Tomorrow 15th December 2016 therefore it is possible to have some activity in Nepal. The calendar below shows the idea. It is also supported by ionospheric data. A possible location tomorrow is (27.03N,  85.01E), the location is shown below IF IT COMES!!

The calendar below is the one directly based on out technique and since it is tested I trust more.

 The other dates which are showing signs of increased stress and possible activity are on 16th, then 18th  20th, 22nd and 25th, the last is obvious from the calendar above. The locations could be
16th Dec  (27.49N 85.07E)
18th Dec  (27.32N, 85.22E)
20th Dec (28.02N, 85.3E)
22nd Dec (27.5N, 85.5E)
25th Dec  (26.25N, 85.5E)

For map locations see previous post.

Strength I do not see any event this year in Nepal of strength greater than 5.0 R.

It remains to be seen what comes up if anything. So again there are my thoughts, and I hope you do not take them as gospel. This time there is some umbiguity. But these days seem to me more sensitive.  I hope nothing happens and we all have a peaceful December. Thank you.

 Be Safe Be Good.

You can read our methodology here.


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  1. My quake alarm, alarmed almost for 20 sec today early morning (Kathmandu 12/15/2016 4:50 AM). I don't see any corresponding details at Do you have any data in connection to this. The alarm also triggered twice yesterday on 14th and once on 13th recently. Yes my alarm sensitivity has been set for lower frequencies as well.

  2. no nothing about it