Monday, July 4, 2016


Tomorrow our software is producing an event in Taiwan. Actually if we look at the Taiwan Earthquake activity calendar, we can see a peak for the 6th June. The window opens tomorrow and closes the 7th June. However we feel tomorrow there matbe the right conditions for an earthquake.

I should point out there is a possibility that there will be a TRIPPLE earthquake tomorrow in Taiwan with 3 and 5 minutes between them. If this happens then the magnitude of the earthquake could be smaller. by 1 R or so...

Location: Taiwan
Coordinates: (23.2N, 122.5E) and possibly (23.2N, 121.09E) but this last one is less likely in my opinion.
Date: 5th July 2016
Time: 01:06 GMT
Magnitude 5.5-6.0R

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