Monday, July 4, 2016

Global Earthquake predictions for July 2016

It is the first time to our knowledge that a published research-based technique is used as a systematic predicting tool for earthquakes. Our methods are experimental hence we test them in real time and we will be publishing our predictions regularly. Please note the disclaimer at the end. We expect an accuracy for the prediction of +-1 day. 

In the following diagram we can see Global Earthquake predictions for July 2016. This means earthquakes of >6R somewhere in the world. No specific location. ....Note that you should also cross check this chart with our LOCAL PREDICTIONS if you wish to home in further on the earthquake location. Furthermore you also must consider the planetary alignment posts we do We do many countries and if there is enough requests we may do others too.   Finally we will also issue soon the July EarthquakePrediction Bulletin.
For this period we observe that there is a HIGH* probability to have an earthquake >6R somewhere in the world on  5th and13th June and smaller in other dates as shown below:

The probability Scales are as follows:
*SMALL (<40%) MEDIUM (40-60%) and HIGH (>60%)

 You can read our methodology here.


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  1. Interesting that July 10-16 of strong probability on your graph is symmetrically situated within July 8-18, which is speculated by others to involve triggering impetus by the celestial mechanics of Mars. Further, that July 13 is your highest probability and is speculated by the same others to have a high probability of a large (M>7.5) quake. Not sure what a 6R quake is - unless you mean 'Richter', in which case you should consult a seismologist for an understanding of why M (magnitude) is a more appropriate unit.

  2. The bars in all my charts are not in Richter Scale on the y-axis they are linear scales. The charts here are formed based on >7R events but to determine time as unknown. >7R events do produce good prediction of 6R events.