Thursday, April 28, 2016

We are the only people in the World who predicted this!

A 3.6R Earthquake in Serbia just now. Small relatively, but let us look at WHERE?
 Location is the coordinates
43.06N 22.79E
What was our Prediction? 
43.2N  21.33E

When did we expect it? --->Tomorrow.
When did we say so? 2 days ago.
Where? See here, click here.  Scroll down on 29th April.

No further comments!

MagnitudeML 3.6
Date time2016-04-28 19:51:36.2 UTC
Location43.06 N ; 22.79 E
Depth587 km
Distances59 km NW of Sofia, Bulgaria / pop: 1,152,556 / local time: 22:51:36.2 2016-04-28
19 km NW of Dragoman, Bulgaria / pop: 3,814 / local time: 22:51:36.2 2016-04-28
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