Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Earthquake Report of Easter Week, for Greece.

For the first time ever, we are pioneering such a bulletin, a bulletin to report how we see the seismicity of a region unfolding for a say week ahead. Such example bulletin we hope will be a catalyst in order to encourage the local 'MEDIA' to include earthquake reports for their countries. Like Weather Reports, it does help people to ease the shocking experience of earthquakes. It is our ambition to see such reports come along soon. We think this is possible, we have shown repeatedly now how successful the prediction can be. Even if it is not perfect, people do understand when it is false alarm and one rather be safe than sorry.
Easter Week has started for Greece, and for Greek Orthodoxy in case you do not know. It will last until Sunday. Normally people go to Church a lot and gather to their place of origins, such as villages or towns.
Easter week is from Monday 25th April to 1st May 2016, and since I am late already in posting this, I will give a report starting from tomorrow, 27th April to May2nd.

Overall picture:
The seismicity overall will be low for Greece until the end of the month, picking up from May 1st. In fact today and tomorrow it should be stronger and then again picking up beginning of May. Let us do a summary of the week for Greece so far.
From Sunday 24th April to today 26th April we have had a few 3-3.5 R earthquakes as shown below,

and today we had one 3.6R and one 4.0R, which is shown in the next map.

The Richter magnitude so far has been small and no real problem was reported. let us now move to forecasting the next few days.
First we give you again our monthly forecast for the whole country, as hor the next few days April has left to go, and we see apart from tomorrow it seems things quieten down overall.

Let us see the forecast daily, starting from tomorrow:

27th April, 2016:
The same as today, tomorrow the seismic state of Greece will be unstable, expecting however a similar to 4R event tomorrow at the location 22.7E, 36.8N, approximately, as shown below.

28th April, 2016:
On 28th April things do not add up easily but I expect probably a weaker event at location 27.24E, 36.63N, approximately, as shown below.
29th April, 2016:

worth mentioning here that there is a possibility that we get a small quake in SERBIA at 21.33E 43.2N

30th April, 2016:
On the 30th April it seems it will be very quiet day. I did not find anything significant.

1st May 2016:
On Easter Sunday it is possible to have more small earthquakes on 27.44E 36.16N near Rhodes, but this is not as certain to me and 25.9E 32.56 N South of Crete, but weaker.
On the same day Bosphorus at 27.44E 40.9N could give a good shake.

2nd May 2016:
On 2nd May, again a small possibility for a couple of locations to trigger are 23.62E, 37.6N and 22.69E 38.6N, as shown on the following map.
As a conclusion, I would like to say this is experimental report and it can be improved. It is a start, and people should read it with tolerance that is needed here. It is a test of some of our new methods, and it is likely things to go wrong, as they do when yo research.
So, I would close Wishing Everybody Happy Easter,

Be Safe, Be Good!

You can read our methodology here.

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