Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Delhi earthquake proves Twitter is faster than seismic waves. Again

Once again, it seems Twitter was faster than the seismic waves. Several minutes ago Delhi was rocked by a mild earthquake, which were the aftershocks of a major earthquake in Myanmar. But here is the interesting bit: if there was a way to warn public in Delhi about the upcoming quake, people would have had an advanced warning of between 4 to 6 minutes. Reason: Even before the seismic reached Delhi, Twitter was already talking about it.
Here is what happened.
When earthquake struck Myanmar, seismic waves travelled in all directions. According to tweets that started appearing, these waves hit Kolkata at 7:27PM. People in Kolkata started tweeting about the quake, as is common for people nowadays. Everyone is armed with a smartphone and although everyone says that "rush out and tweet later", no one follows it. So people tweet first as soon as there is a jolt.
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