Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Global in Year 2021 Predictions

During our calculations for experiments, for the 2021, during January to December 2021 we have run our software to our laboratory. Our prediction using our FDL Method prediction the follow dates, in Global. >6.5R in 2021. We could expect to be +-1 day . The method it is experimental of course in our University Laboratory. This is a continued effort, in prediction methods this important work

2021 using my FDL Method
January 8th January correct!
February 9th or 15th
March 3rth or 31st
April 2nd
May 12th or 29th
June 2nd
July 2nd and 9th
August 10th
September 7th
October 8th and 31st
November 16th possible 25th
December 7th and 16th

You can read about our methodology is in research and should read disclaim

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