Wednesday, December 30, 2020

4.6R in Greece


 A 4.6R earthquake was reported in Greece. The 4.6R was at 15km of NW of Agio, and at 27R NE of PATRAS. The map in the calculated coordinates of the epicenter.



Magnitudemb 4.6
Date time2020-12-30 00:39:20.2 UTC
Location38.37 N ; 22.00 E
Depth2 km
Distances27 km NE of Pátra, Greece / pop: 168,000 / local time: 02:39:20.2 2020-12-30
15 km NW of Aígio, Greece / pop: 20,400 / local time: 02:39:20.2 2020-12-30


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