Thursday, April 23, 2020

Predicting Earthquakes in 2020

My Keynote Address in CSNDSP 2020:  

Predicting Earthquakes in 2020:

20 Earthquakes in 2020

It is a great value and service to humanity to be able to predict accuracy not only WHEN and earthquake will occur, but also the location of earthquake. It can save lives, families, homes, buildings and constructions from death and catastrophe. Geosciences have made progress over the years, but with few exceptions prediction is still more of an art than a solid science. The results are far shorter than what people would consider definitive. We will briefly review the field of prediction and focus to account for our promising research work on earthquake prediction, which allow prediction new ideas with good accuracy, and not only promise date and region or location coordinates. We will present also our research work which focus on Fibonacci, Dual and Lucas Series, linked to Rational Numbers and Resonance following on this to link to planetary orbits. This can effort in reliable long range time period precursors. Such methods are very promising for future, and in my opinion on of the best promising warning today. Finally we will be able to offer in the presentation dates, of some future dates based on our methods on higher probability of occurrence earthquake.

This will be for the internet in 20-22th July 2020
A C Boucouvalas
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  1. I hope you all come to listen to this present to to all. As the coordinate CSNSDP 2020. Will be able to see it with video/teleconference etc Ask students.