Sunday, January 5, 2020

6.0R in Oaxaca, MEXICO

A 6.0R earthquake in OAXACA in Mexico was reported this morning. The epicenter is shown in the maps above. What we show below is our stress point we have calculated in the region, which is shown just below the accuracy is just amazing. Further below we show the exected earthquake which is 2 days early according to the calendar. This may well be a sign for broad region in time to have more to be seen. We will see. If we examine the Global calendar, we see that we were expecting a strong activity as we see.

MagnitudeMw 6.0
Date time2020-01-05 04:40:51.0 UTC
Location16.38 N ; 94.33 W
Depth100 km
Distances452 km NW of Guatemala City, Guatemala / pop: 995,000 / local time: 22:40:51.0 2020-01-04
136 km W of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico / pop: 482,000 / local time: 22:40:51.0 2020-01-04
12 km S of Santo Domingo Zanatepec, Mexico / pop: 7,100 / local time: 22:40:51.0 2020-01-04

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