Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Global: FDL for January 2020

Using our published FDL method, we use it as a systematic predicting tool for determining the dates of additional stresses exerted in a region that may lead to earthquakes or not. Our methods are experimental and we test them in real-time.
Please note the disclaimer at the end. We expect an accuracy for the prediction of +-1 day from the dates shown in the charts. Based on our published research technique, we here apply it as a systematic predicting tool for determining the dates of earthquakes.
In the following diagram, we can see Global Earthquake predictions for January 2020. This means earthquakes of >6R somewhere in the world. No specific location. ....Note that you should also cross-check this chart with our LOCAL PREDICTIONS if you wish to home in further on the earthquake location. Furthermore, you also must consider the planetary alignment posts we do We do many countries and if there is enough requests we may do others too. 
  For this period we observe that there is a HIGH* probability to have an earthquake >6R somewhere in the world on 2nd, 10th, 17th and 22nd and 27th January 2020  and smaller in other dates as shown below:  (Note the scales are not Richter nor logarithmic).

You can read about our methodology here.


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