Saturday, January 11, 2020

4.8R in Bosphorus

A 4.8R earthquake has been reported in Bosphorus, 26km from Silivri, in Bosphorus. We would say also we have expected this today as we can see from the calendar for the region affected.

Below we see also the stresses for this region for today where we see that for two earthquakes today Pluto is the planet the culprit about this map. This in Istanbul the stress predicted [41N, 38E],

Magnitudemb 4.8
Date time2020-01-11 13:37:37.0 UTC
Location40.85 N ; 28.24 E
Depth16 km
Distances62 km W of İstanbul, Turkey / pop: 11,175,000 / local time: 16:37:37.0 2020-01-11
35 km SW of Büyükçekmece, Turkey / pop: 164,000 / local time: 16:37:37.0 2020-01-11
26 km S of Silivri, Turkey / pop: 53,200 / local time: 16:37:37.0 2020-01-11

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