Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Planets Today, 3rd September 2019

A Good Day to you all! A few noticable today above the skies which are marking today and tomorrow. We must take note the following planetary paths which seem promising for strong earthquakes.
First one cannot miss the great conjunction of SUN-MARS-MERCURY, taking place in Virgo 10 degrees in hextile to transite Moon.
We cannot avoid also SATURN-SOUTH NODE conjection with retro both of them will stay in sync until the 7th September, while Black Moon trine to North Node.
Finally URANUS quincunx to CERES is interesting as well.
 Above we see todaysearthquakes across the planet, and worth noting good activity of small below 3R cluster events in Californina.
To conclude the 4th is leading to events to 7th September which the glabal calendar shows a peak.
Be Safe be Good

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