Saturday, September 28, 2019

New Zealand thoughts

The last time New Zealand had a 7.9R was on 13-November 2016. We all remember the destruction. So as time is approaching to levels over 6R toKermadec islands, we all see and wonder. Lets see some indicators. The cloud shown above on September 27th 2019, yesterday, supports easily 7.7R across from Australia to NZ to beyond as can be seen. It certainly supports 7.7R. This is certainly long enough. The only difference from the 2016 case the hurricanes at that time prior. Getting on on other evidence is the October calendar of NZ below is activated on 7th October 2019, as shown below nearer although on 21st Oct is a better peak.

 Proceeding below to see some astronomic stuff over the planetary positions we see geocentrically for NZ for 7th October 2019. We have important aspects, starting with Sun conjunce Node square Saturn AND S Node, certainly affecting NZ. Mars semisquare pallas also focuses to NZ. Westa too with Node  aspects are ringing a worrying day or period.  Even Uranus opposite Mercury is helping the focus there.......

No doubt there is some to think about and also to keep an eye on things. Finally lets see the stress points on the day of 6th October assuming this is a suspect day see below.

I consider 41S or 43S are possible lines across to consider.  Lines vertically and horizontal, on the cross is more usually likely. More likely to be South on the face of it if it is something, but I would not say more and I could best to wait and see if there are any more indications... Be Safe be Good.

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