Saturday, September 21, 2019

A double 5.8R in Albania

A double  5.8R earthquake has just been reported in Albania. The epicenter is hsown in the map above. It is 6km North of Durres. We have no further news yet.

Below we show the stress points for the region above. The Two black dots left and right on Albania, are on exactly latitude of the epicenter so it is like a couple for foces creating vibrations. The longitude can be refined with the lines drawn here created a certain node which as it happens is on the epicenter now exactly.... see below.

Finally this text below is addendum which shows that another fairly strong earthquake came at strength 4.7R following the two originals. This shows it this excitation has now tailing off.

Magnitudemb 5.8
Date time2019-09-21 14:04:25.0 UTC
Location41.37 N ; 19.42 E
Depth10 km
Distances34 km W of Tirana, Albania / pop: 375,000 / local time: 16:04:25.0 2019-09-21
6 km N of Durrës, Albania / pop: 123,000 / local time: 16:04:25.0 2019-09-21

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