Sunday, May 26, 2019

Peru earthquake: Huge 8.0 magnitude earthquake felt as far as Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador

PERU has been hit by a 8.0 magnitude earthquake, leaving at least one person dead, 11 people injured and more than 50 homes destroyed, emergency officials have confirmed.The temor hit at 8.41am UK time in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve Park, deep in the Amazonian jungle, but it was so strong it was felt through most of the country, and even sent vibrations as far as Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. Some reported feeling heavy shaking as far as 600 miles away from the epicentre. The quake struck around 110 miles east of the town on of Moyobamba, the capital of the San Martín region in northern Peru, according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). It is also understood to have reached a depth of around 65 miles.

At least one person in the Cajamarca region was killed after a boulder struck his home, Peru National Emergency Center(COEN) has said.
The quake has caused severe damage across Peru, which has seen the collapse of a road and buildings caving in.
In Yurimaguas, which is located in the northeastern Peruvian Amazona number of old houses collapsed, and the electricity was cut, according to the National Emergency Operations Center.In the capital, Lima, people ran out of their homes in fear.
Shocking pictures show debris falling from highrise bulidings as the tremours cause structures to shake.
A series of power cuts have also been recorded in a number of Amazonian cities.
The earthquake was originally registered as a 7.5 magnitude tremor, but has since been upgraded to a 8.0 quake on the Richter Scale.
One user wrote on Twitter: “The earthquake struck Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Peru due to the magnitude was similar in those countries.”
British student Leith Livingstone, who was in Montanita, Ecuador, told Mirror Online: "I got woken up at approx 2.40am local time with the building I'm in shaking heavily back and forth the bed was being moved with it.
"I wasn't sure what was going on till everyone came in and said it was an earthquake.
"The shaking lasted at least a minute.”
Singer Ezio, who was performing in the city of Rioja, shared a clip with his 370,000 followers, stating: "I just had one of the biggest scares of my life, the earthquake surprised us at the concert and I just want to thank the people of Rioja for their excellent reaction.
"I saw how some helped others and thank God there was not one injured in the concert."
Initially the United States Geological Survey reported it as a 7.5 magnitude quake, but shortly afterward upgraded it to 8.0.
Some felt the tremors lasting for around three minutes, according to reports in Peru.
Peru Earthquake
Peru Earthquake: Some buildings have suffered severe damage (Image: TWITTER/Lorena Garz-n Vega)
Peru's president Martin Vizcarra posted on Twitter: "The strong earthquake that occurred this morning was felt in several regions of the country. We're evaluating the affected areas.
"To all our citizens, I ask you to remain calm."
Residents close to the epicentre stayed outside their homes for several hours fearing other major aftershocks.
Journalist Jared Wade, who is in Peruvian capital Lima, posted on Twitter: "Major earthquake in Peru. Woke up with bed shaking, light fixture swaying in Lima, where everything seems OK."
He added that extended shaking was felt "from Bogota to Ica to Cuenca".
Mr Wade described the quake as "quite scary".
Peru Earthquake
Peru Earthquake: A ceiling has caved in due to the tremors of the quake
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