Monday, February 11, 2019

Indonesia the last 30 days

As we can see there has been plenty of activity in Indonesia the last 30 days and we have seen a 6.4R earthquake in Bogorawatu as shown in pale blue on the map. Well Indonesia is activated and of course it is a strong candidate for powerful events in the 8R bracket. Near 19th February we think we must be fairly careful just in case the stresses get too much. ;-)
If we use Leoni Noda's work, on cloud siesmotechtonics then

Then we can work out the magnitude of the possible event.
This can be found in the published reference work
Seismotectonics and groundspace monitoring of naturaldisasters precursors in the EarthL.N. Dodaa, A.A. Malashinb,n, V.L. Natyaganovb, I.V. Stepano

So time will tell, but as we approach an accelerated period of earthquakes towards 19-20th February maybe a time to be a little careful.

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