Wednesday, February 27, 2019

3.6R in England

An earthquake of magnitude 3.6R has just been reported very close to Brighton in England, UK. As can be seen from the maps above it was near Henfield, just 2km from it. I am sure people felt this in their sleep.
Our methods produced the following coordinates for today for this region. The blue dot is shown on the next maps. It is only a few km off one way. Amazing accuracy.

MagnitudeML 3.6
Date time2019-02-27 03:42:22.8 UTC
Location50.95 N ; 0.26 W
Depth10 km
Distances63 km S of London, United Kingdom / pop: 7,557,000 / local time: 03:42:22.8 2019-02-27
15 km NW of Hove, United Kingdom / pop: 75,200 / local time: 03:42:22.8 2019-02-27
2 km NE of Henfield, United Kingdom / pop: 4,700 / local time: 03:42:22.8 2019-02-27

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