Wednesday, January 16, 2019

4.7R off the East coast of USA.

This 4.7R earthquake off the East Coast of the USA is surpriseearthquake to all, but we are the only people in the world who have posted and predicted this event. This is a credit to powerful methods. It is a previous post we have done in here showning this map above of the USA hotspots and one is the epicenter of 4.7R event shown encircled in the above map.

Magnitudemb 4.7
Date time2019-01-15 23:30:47.6 UTC
Location37.16 N ; 73.09 W
Depth2 km
Distances359 km SE of Philadelphia, United States / pop: 1,527,000 / local time: 18:30:47.6 2019-01-15
308 km SE of Dover, United States / pop: 36,100 / local time: 18:30:47.6 2019-01-15
232 km SE of Snow Hill, United States / pop: 2,200 / local time: 18:30:47.6 2019-01-15
219 km SE of Ocean City, United States / pop: 7,200 / local time: 18:30:47.6 2019-01-15

You can read about our methodology here.


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