Wednesday, January 9, 2019

4.2R in Romania <--correct coordinates

A 4.2R in Romania has just been reported 9km NW of Grunji.The epicenter location [45.57N, 26.6E], is shown on the top map. This was expected yesterday and we show on the map above the location of the hotspot at [46N, 27E]  and it is within less than a degree accurate.

MagnitudeML 4.2
Date time2019-01-09 11:36:04.2 UTC
Location45.57 N ; 26.60 E
Depth129 km
Distances132 km N of Bucharest, Romania / pop: 1,878,000 / local time: 13:36:04.2 2019-01-09
48 km W of Focşani, Romania / pop: 106,000 / local time: 13:36:04.2 2019-01-09
9 km NW of Grunji, Romania / pop: 3,100 / local time: 13:36:04.2 2019-01-09

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  1. Hello ! You wrote that the 4,2 Romanian earthquake was expected on the 8th of Jan but it was on 9th. Where did you previously post this 8 jan prediction to prove the accuracy ? Thank you !

  2. Hi Alexandra, I am about your question. The attached map is our calculation for Romania. We do a GLOBAL map and we zoomed on Romania. We do not post all our predictions in advance. We would spend all day doing that. We can today produce predictions for april 23 2023 if someone wished. I hust do not do it for fun. It takes time and effort but we can produce it. All we do is a month ahead. Regularly. Even this is of little interest to readers. To give you an example. I asked to let me know who wanted to know in their area this month the coordinates of hotspots and NOBODY answered. This means people do not wish to know where the earthquake may occur. They prefer to wait until it happens. As far as Romania we did not post it but because for this month I have already done the calculations I produced it on the day. Had you asked from Jan 1st for Jan 9th hotspots you would have got the map anove for predictions. Also it would have been correct. Until the end of the month always a month ahead we produce now the hotspots, we do not post them all as it is pointless also they get lost in the hundreds of posts. So we tend to publish some a few days ahead. Hope this answers the question

  3. hello ! thank you for your answer ! I saw a prediction map for 8 jan which was showing Bulgaria for that day. Nothing for RO which is nearby. I am sure that, if you have time to post for RO, our people will share and become more interested in your studies because the posts regarding RO will be shared. All the best and have a nice day, week, etc :-)