Saturday, December 1, 2018

Greece: FDL method daily

On the map above we see a few stress points which our methods produced for the period 2-6th December for the Region of Greece. We have used different colour for the days involved as follows:

Green, 2nd December
Orange: 3rd December
Pink :  4th December
Red: 5th December
Yellow: 6th December

2nd Dec [40N, 15E, 16E (Italy), 19E] also [40N, 28E,29E, 30E, 31E]
3rd Dec [38N, 15E, 16E, 18E, 21E (near Patras), 26E(near Andros), 27E, 29E] also
[41N, 15E, 16E, 18E, 21E (N Greece) , 25E, 27E, 29E(Istanbul), 30E, 31E]
4th Dec [39N, 17E,18E, 27E (Turkey)], [35N, 27E (Crete)]
5th Dec [36N, 27E], [36N, 31E]
6th Dec [40N, 19E, 16E, 17E (Italy)]

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You can read about our methodology here.


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