Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Planets Above

We will have a brief talk on what is the correlation between the planets above today 3rd October 2018. The suan at 10 degrees Libra is not related to any other planet, it prepares for the next encounter which is Ceres in a couple of days, and later the Moon, having Mercury past and speeding away. Until near the end of the month when Venus is engulfed by the Sun. The Sun is also today in semisextile the Moon. So overall the Sun is in a state of relaxation I would say, nothing serious. Next the Moon. The Moon is in Cancer, feeling good, approaching a conjunction to NNode. The Moon is trining Jupiter. So based on those two 'planets', we should have a quiet relaxing day.  What else is there today? Mercury next is not at his best still square to Pluto, gives Mercury a deadly touch. Neptune, is today opposite Pallas, this is perfecting today but this also to me looks negotiable rather than serious. More serious is the square of Uranus to the Nodes. The saving grace it the fact the this aspect is receeding. So it has been. BUT this one is coming back on October 10th and October 29th and I expect there to see a release of energy. Overall today it seems to be a contemplating day, a day to mop up, and maybe find strength for those who have had a terrible past time from the Moon Jupiter trine.  Be Safe Be Good!

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