Friday, October 26, 2018

6.8R in Ionian Sea, Greece

A powerful earthquake of 6.8R magnitude was reported in Zante Greece, as shown in the map above. The location was luckily in the sea but it was felt strongly by people over 150km away from the epicenter. The epicentre of the quake was located in the Ionian Sea, near the Greek Island of Zante and about 50 miles north-east of the city of Pyrgos. The quake had a depth of around 16 kilometres. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said casualties are possible.

A witness said online: "Me and my partner are staying in Zante, it woke my partner up, and we've had three aftershocks much smaller, the larger quake has moved several items around the room."
Local media reported that a 15th century monastery in the Strofades area of the island has been damaged. Italy's Il Messaggero news site reported that the earthquake was felt as far as southern Italy.
It claimed firefighters in the regions of Sicily, Calabria and Puglia received thousands of phone calls after the quake struck. Schools were closed and officials surveyed damage on the Greek island of Zakynthos Friday after a powerful earthquake that was felt as far as Libya jolted western Greece.

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According to the USGS, a local small tsunami is possible and residents have been advised to move away from the shores.
We at earthquake predict were expecting it yesterday 24th October, or today 26th October as posted here. Furthermore, we were expecting a strong earthquake globally on 24th October which did not come only to arrive here hours later on the 25th October. (We do state +- 1 day on the events). Finally there is the Greece calendar for those who care to look at it on the blog. 

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Local port severe damages are shown below

Some street shop/houses damage

and finally some damages on the monastry castle.

MagnitudeMw 6.8
Date time2018-10-25 22:54:51.5 UTC
Location37.53 N ; 20.62 E
Depth10 km
Distances277 km W of Athens, Greece / pop: 730,000 / local time: 01:54:51.5 2018-10-26
126 km SW of Pátra, Greece / pop: 164,000 / local time: 01:54:51.5 2018-10-26
38 km SW of Zákynthos, Greece / pop: 11,600 / local time: 01:54:51.5 2018-10-26
28 km SW of Lithakiá, Greece / pop: 1,300 / local time: 01:54:51.5 2018-10-26

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