Friday, September 14, 2018

Precursors Today

Here is a summary of precursors based on Satellite data or other instruments for today.
 The value of K Index for today is shown above and we have hit red for this particular indicator. The meaning of this explained at the end of this post.We have hit red also on the 11th September, so this is not unique. But it is known that K index high today affectes a few days forward as far as earthquakes.
 The figure above is the GOES Magnetometer. This also has dived to below 50nT today. also yesterday. 
 Below is the TEC Rate map, the Total Electron Content rate of change for the regions early this morning.

Finally for todays events the following is Schumann Resonances on the globe.

There we see 4-5 hours ago some blips indicating that we will soon see at least 5R today. So the ground is getting ready for more future earthquakes of significance, and we should also see today some more activity (>5R)

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