Friday, September 21, 2018

Planets Today, 21st September 2018

Good Day to you all!
Notable today is the MERCURY-SUN conjunction in Virgo, a place where Mercury is strong. On the personal level, restrain a the sun will either burn you out or will say something to hurt or too strong. This conjunction is in semisextile to Venus, so best to talk sweet. The other very intresting aspects and probably more important today is this Uranus square to Mars and Uranus trining to Saturn/Vesta conjunction. Here, we have Mars and Saturn the same degrees and beginning to get out of phase between them but Westa also is close hence we should be seeing strong evidence of double earthquakes. Westa itself is in a perfect square to chiron so one will trigger the other and therefore a sequence, and two is a Double. The Moon is semisquare to Neptune while squaring Jupiter slowly, while Jupiter is semisquare to Westa. So the evidence to me is one can trigger the other, and possible to see Doubles.

Be Safe Be Good!
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