Friday, September 7, 2018

5.3R in SE IRAN <--Accurate Prediction

A 5.3R earthquake arrived in Iran this morning. We have been expecting this, see the IRAN Calendar for September, where it is clear that we expected this yesterday but well within our window of +-1 day. Moreover, we have predicted some coordinates for this, see this previous post where we sated an epicenter of Iran [29N, 59E]. Less than one degree accuracy.

Magnitudemb 5.3
Date time2018-09-07 06:23:39.4 UTC
Location28.32 N ; 59.40 E
Depth10 km
Distances528 km N of Muscat, Oman / pop: 797,000 / local time: 10:23:39.4 2018-09-07
193 km SW of Zāhedān, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 552,000 / local time: 10:53:39.4 2018-09-07
134 km SE of Bam, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 99,300 / local time: 10:53:39.4

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