Saturday, August 4, 2018

7th August Predictions

7th August 2017 Predictions

Our methods produced the following coutries as being vulnerable to receiving earthquakes on  7th August. The list is not conclusive of course as we sample a few countries.

  • Bhutan [27N, 91E], [28N, 91E]
  • China  [28N, 118E], [28N, 104E]
  • Ecuador [0S, 82W]
  • Greece [36N, 22E],[36N, 28E]
  • Indonesia [1S, 118E],[1S, 121E]
  • Italy [43N, 14E]
  • Papua New Gunea,[1S, 134E]
  • Taiwan [25.4N, 121.3E], [22N, 121E]
  • Tonga [22S, 175W]
  • Philippines [15N,121E],[14N,121E]
  • Vanuatu, [15S, 165E]
  • Romania, [45N, 28E],[45N, 22E] 

You can read about our methodology here.



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