Wednesday, August 8, 2018

13th August FDL Predictions

Today 13th August, the notable planetary aspects of the day are: Saturn trine to Uranus, Jupiter Trine to Neptune, Moon squares to Vesta, and Heliocentric Mercury square Jupiter.  Our methods produced the following coutries as being vulnerable to receiving earthquakes on  13th August (+-1 day) and we have added the calculated coordinates. The list is not conclusive of course as we sample a few countries.

  • Bangladesh  [24.4N, 89.5E]
  • Bosphorus [41.3N, 20E]
  • China [39N,80E]
  • Indonesia [9S, 129E]
  •  Greece [39N, 20E],[39N, 24E]
  • Albania,[42N,20E]
  • Ecuador[ 0.5S, 79.8W]
  • Chile [20S, 24S, 29S, 31S, 32S, 69W]
  • Kamchatka 50N, 155E]
  • Caspian Sea, [39N, 50E]
  • Iran [32N, 57E, 58E, 60E]
  • Japan, [39N, 140E], [32N, 129E]
  • Taiwan [24N, 121, 122E]
  • Mexico, [20N, 100W],[32N,114W],[24N,110W]
  • Papua New Guinea,[9S,150E, 147E]
  • Peru,[9S,79.3W]
  • Nepal,[29N,80.3E]
  • Vanuatu,[20S,170E]

You can read about our methodology here.

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