Monday, June 18, 2018

Venus and Today's Review (18-06-18)

Good Morning to you, the best audience in the world!
I hope each one of you is in good health and thriving. Here is a brief review of the global events so far today. From the list above we see the morning has started a little aggitated, with a 5.6R in Guatemala which was felt in Guatemala City. Following yestrdays 6.1R  Osaka event where people died one cannot but feel nervous and on edge today. If we look at the planetary aspects first geocentricall,y (first chart below),  we see the most important aspect in my view is Venus approaching North Node to be exact conjunct in 2 days, and this combination is opposte Mars/S Node, Mars is receedinghowever. So this opposition is not as dramatic.  If we examine briefly the Heliocentric view of the planets, (last chart), we observe Venus is an issue being exactly square Saturn. So Venus is the name of the game and if Venus is prominent in your life, you may notice it. :)

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