Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Landslide alert in Osaka after Japan's 6.1-magnitude earthquake leaves four dead and 381 injured

Tokyo: Japanese authorities on Tuesday issued landslide alerts in Osaka, after a strong earthquake a day earlier measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale left four dead and 381 injured.
Heavy rain is expected to continue until Wednesday in Osaka which may cause landslides as the quake had loosened the terrain, Efe news reported quoting the Japan Meteorological Agency. Government spokesperson Yoshihide Suga advised people to monitor the situation through television and radio news.

Suga also confirmed the death toll and the number of injured while admitting that the exact number of missing in the earthquake that had struck Japan's second most important city on Monday, is not yet known.
The public transport service resumed on Tuesday after 80 flights were cancelled and 113 bullet trains were suspended on Monday, affecting 230,000 commuters. Gas and water supply continued to be interrupted even in cities bordering Osaka, while neighbouring towns have pitched in with assistance as authorities consider relief options.
According to the company Osaka Gas, it will take around 10 days to restore gas supply in the 110,000 homes currently without it. Electricity supply has almost been restored in its entirety to the 170,000 homes that were affected, Efe news reported.
The earthquake, which damaged 334 houses, also caused several buildings to collapse with at least six catching fire, confirmed the fire service.

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