Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Small Double 4.7R and 4.8R in Nepal

A 4.5R earthquake has been reported this monring 41km East of Dhankuta in Nepal according to EMSC. We have no further news on this small event.
This came as the SUN is Square Moon and Vesta in this region as you can see from the map below.
The national Siesmological Institute has reported TWO earthquakes in the space of 6 minutes between them of magnitude 4.7R and 4.8R. As I have explained on numerous occasons here we have a classic DOUBLE because the Moon Squared Vesta and then Squared the SUN approx. 6 minutes later. Wonderful demonstration of the relevance of the planets whatever some people say.


mb 4.5
Date time2018-06-20 04:08:57.4 UTC
Location27.03 N ; 87.74 E
Depth16 km
Distances194 km W of Thimphu, Bhutan / pop: 98,700 / local time: 10:08:57.4 2018-06-20
41 km E of Dhankutā, Nepal / pop: 22,100 / local time: 09:53:57.4 2018-06-20
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