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Magnitude 9 ’super-gigantic’ earthquake IMMINENT – and it could be WORSE than Fukushima

I had not seen this article before but i saw it from two UK sources and thought to include it here. The other source is .
The interesting aspect is the numbers in the experess are 8-8.6R so make your own what you must from it is....

A MEGA earthquake as big as magnitude 9 is imminent with fears it will be as big, if not bigger, than the one that caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
Japanese government officials have warned a quake as large as the 2011 disaster is overdue and “impending”.
Tokyo disaster experts at the Earthquake Research Committee have predicted a 70% chance of a magnitude 8 to 8.6 earthquake hitting the northern-most island of Hokkaido.
And there is an up to 40% chance of this mega-quake reaching "super gigantic" magnitude 9.
Japan was devastated in 2011 when a magnitude 9 “mega thrust” earthquake struck off the coast in the early hours of March 11.
Sixteen thousand people died in the ensuing tsunami which destroyed more than 127,000 buildings and triggered the meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear reactor.
The disaster – known as the 3.11 Earthquake – was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the fourth most powerful of all time.
And now Japan fears a disaster as big or bigger is due within just three decades.
Experts at Hokkaido University carried out the study based on data from the past 400 years.
They said the cycle lasts between 340 and 380 years, and Japan is now well within this time range.
It was regarded as the worst crisis to hit Japan since the end of World War 2.
The 3.11 Earthquake triggered meltdowns in all three of the reactors in the Fukushima plant – in a level 7 disaster, the highest possible rating for a nuclear accident.
Over 154,000 people were evacuated around the plant from a 12-mile wide exclusion zone.
The plant still remains a no-go zone to this day, and is highly radioactive.
“I hope disaster preparations are reviewed based on the possibility that a super-gigantic quake like the one that struck the Tohoku region could also strike Hokkaido,” Naoshi Hirata, a seismology professor at the University of Tokyo told Japanese media.
The Japanese archipelago is one of the most active regions in the world for earthquakes.
Tokyo is armed with some of the most sophisticated early warning systems and anti-quake tech.
Yoshimasa Hayashi, science and technology minister, said: “We are hoping this report will help local municipal governments to make necessary preparations and raise households' awareness of disaster risk."
Earthquake in Japan GETTY
DESTRUCTION: At least 750,000 buildings were damaged in the quake off Fukushima

Fukushima was rocked by a 6.3 magnitude quake 180 miles east of the power plant back in October.
Work to decomission the nuclear power plant is still ongoing nearly seven years on from the 3.11 Earthquake.
Earlier this year, a “ghost ship” lost in the Fukushima disaster was found washed up in Hawaii.
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