Friday, December 1, 2017

6.0R in Iran!

We finally got this expected (see prediction here)  very strong 6.0R in Iran, we got it 2 hours late but it came in the end 58km from Kerman, Iran.


Mw 6.0
Date time2017-12-01 02:32:45.5 UTC
Location30.74 N ; 57.38 E
Depth10 km
Distances483 km E of Shīrāz, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 1,250,000 / local time: 06:02:45.5 2017-12-01
58 km NE of Kermān, Iran, Islamic Republic of / pop: 578,000 / local time: 06:02:45.5 2017-12-01
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