Tuesday, November 28, 2017

FDL Method: 29-30th November 2017

Using our FDL method we have some regions which are more vulnerable to receiving an earthquake tomorrow 29th November. Tomorrow we have Mars parallel Neptune, and Venus semisextile Saturn, and heliocentrically Earth is contraparallel Pluto.
  • Alaska (likely 30th)
  • Bangladesh (likely 30th)
  • California (likely 30th)
  • Fiji   (likely 30th)
  • Greece both dates vulnerable
  •  Italy (likely 29th)
  • Iran  (likely 30th)
  • Japan (likely 30th)
  • Kamchatka (likely 30th)
  • Mexico (likely 30th)
  • Nepal (likely 29th small?)
  • Oklahoma
  • PNG (likely 30th)
  • Peru (likely 30th)
  • Philippines (likely 29th)
  • Taiwan (likely 29th)
  • Tonga (likely 30th)
If an earthquake has occured yesterday then it is possible we do not get one.

You can read about our methodology here.


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