Friday, October 6, 2017

Planets Today

Good Day to you all!
Many thanks to you all for your visits here, and I hope by this post to give you a good account of our planetary influences today. Above we have the geocentric view, looking above in the skies, our view of the planets. Major aspect today is this conjunction between Mars and Venus. Strange combination but it seems that it can surface expressive sports today, your love of physical activity can be activated with this aspect. This combination is quincunx to the Moon, so it will be fine tuned and triggered by it. Still active is also Mercury quicunx to Neptune, and also Bl Moon square to Chiron. We must not forget the backround aspect of Chiron semisquare Uranus as well.
Heliocentrically, we have also a major aspect surfacing, that of Earth semisextile Neptune which is bound to cause some events in the sea.
All those can cause events for today. Be Safe Be Good!

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