Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What to expect in September Equinox 2017.

We are fast approaching the Sequinox time, in two days. September Equinox is on 22nd September 2017.
A quick check we see this is usually a very active period with earthquakes.
Here is a check going back 10 years.

22 Sept. 2017 ----------to be seen
22 Sept, 2016 ----->23rd Sept. 6.4R in Philippines and 6.3R in Japan
23 Sept. 2015----->24th Sept. 6.6R Indonesia AND 6.1R in Solomon Islands
23 Sept. 2014 ------>24th Sept. 6.2R in Argentina
22 Sept. 2013 -----> 21st Sept. 6.1R in Flores Sea, and on 24th Sept. 7.7R in Pakistan
22 Sept. 2012 ------> 22nd Sept.,   5.6R in Tonga
23 Sept. 2011 ------>22nd Sept.    6.5R in Tonga
23 Sept. 2010 ------>22nd Sept. 5.9R in Peru
23 Sept 2009 ------->23rd Sept. 6.0R in Macquirie Isl, and on 24th Sept. 6.4R in Mexico
22 Sept 2008 -------->24th Sept 6.3R in Mexico, and on 22nd Sept. 5.6R in Japan
23 Sept. 2007 -------->23rd Sept. 5.8R in Indonesia

Well it is pretty clear to me what to expect. from now to a day after the equinox. Do you agree?

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