Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Morning Review

A very good day to you all!
The morning has risen on this side of the world and it is the day after the Mercury Max we saw yesterday as well as Pallas station day. The other main event of the day today is, the SUN square Saturn, and the Moon is triggering this aspect. Venus is also coming up conjunct the Node, and therefore we do expect I repeat some 6-7R event to surface today or tomorrow. We do expect today and possibly tomorrow very strong events. If you look at the September monthly Bulletin you have received at the beginning of the month, you can check the GLOBAL calendar. If they materialise we will soon find out. Those who have registered have also received the prediction coordinates from our research. If you have not registered and interested, here is the link.
Today, looking at the morning events we can see a strong 5.2R in Mexico, and the rest are of lower strength. Checking the list we sent you, we are spot on on Chile, Ecuador and Mexico so far.

Be Safe Be Good.


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